Breaking Down Anant Ambani’s Sources of Wealth: Reliance Shares, Investments, Salary

Anant Ambani's sources of wealth

Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Indian business magnate Mukesh Ambani, occupies a unique position as a scion of the influential Ambani family. Born on April 10, 1995, Anant is heir to the vast Reliance Industries empire, a conglomerate that spans telecommunications, petrochemicals, and retail. His net worth is estimated to be around ₹3,73,000 crore ($45 billion) in 2023. While his lineage places him at the helm of a significant fortune, Anant’s individual wealth and career trajectory have sparked intrigue.

Beyond the inherent advantages of being born into one of India’s wealthiest families, Anant has ventured into various business initiatives, contributing to the family’s legacy. This blog post aims to unravel the layers of Anant’s wealth, examining the sources that extend beyond his role as a Reliance heir. By delving into his endeavors, investments, and business ventures, we seek to paint a comprehensive picture of the factors shaping Anant Ambani’s financial standing.

Reliance Legacy and Shareholdings

Anant Ambani has recently joined the board of directors of RIL as a non-executive director, along with his twin siblings Akash and Isha. This marks a significant step in the succession plan of the Ambani family, which has a combined net worth of more than $200 billion.

A. Inheritance and Reliance Holdings:

Division of Reliance Empire

Division of Reliance Empire

The Reliance empire was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani, who started as a small textile trader and built a diversified conglomerate with interests in oil, petrochemicals, telecom, retail, and media. After he died in 2002, the group was split into two factions, headed by his sons Mukesh and Anil, following a bitter feud over ownership and control.

Mukesh Ambani retained the flagship RIL, which houses the oil refining, petrochemicals, and exploration businesses, as well as the newer ventures in telecom, e-commerce, and renewable energy. Anil Ambani got the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), which includes the businesses of power, infrastructure, capital, and entertainment.

Anant Ambani is the heir apparent of Mukesh Ambani’s RIL, which has a market capitalization of over $200 billion and accounts for about 6% of India’s GDP. Anant Ambani is also involved in the new energy business of RIL, which aims to invest $10 billion in green hydrogen, solar, and battery projects over the next three years.

Anant Ambani’s Reliance Shareholdings

Anant Ambani's Reliance Shareholdings

According to the latest shareholding pattern of RIL, the Ambani family holds 50.64% of the total equity shares of the company, as of September 2021. This translates to about 3.16 billion shares, worth about $127 billion at the current market price of RIL.

Anant Ambani, along with his siblings Akash and Isha, holds 0.06% of the total equity shares of RIL, as of September 2021. This translates to about 3.7 million shares, worth about $150 million at the current market price of RIL. This is a small fraction of his father’s stake of 45.15%, worth about $114 billion.

Anant Ambani’s Reliance shareholdings contribute to his net worth, which is estimated to be around $200 million, as of November 2023. However, this does not include his potential inheritance from his father, which could be much higher in the future.

Potential Future Inheritance

Anant Ambani's Potential Future Inheritance

Mukesh Ambani, while not publicly revealing his succession plan, hints at a pivotal role for his three children in the future of RIL. Reports suggest a potential move of family holdings into a trust-like structure overseeing RIL, with family members on its board but professionals managing daily operations. This aims to avert succession conflicts, ensuring a seamless wealth and power transition to the next generation.

As Mukesh Ambani continues as RIL’s chairman for five more years, Anant Ambani, the youngest son, stands to inherit a significant share of his father’s wealth and RIL stake under the speculated trust-like arrangement. The actual succession plan remains undisclosed, and until then, Anant Ambani will have to demonstrate his capabilities to secure a role within RIL alongside his siblings and other leaders.

B. Active Role in Reliance Energy:

Active role in Reliance Energy

Anant Ambani is taking a prominent role in the company’s new energy venture. Appointed as the head of RIL’s energy business, he aims to achieve 100 GW of solar energy by 2030 and transition to a net zero-carbon company by 2035. Anant is actively involved in expanding RIL’s presence in energy, materials, and global operations in renewable and green energy.

His responsibilities include advancing carbon capture technologies, developing circular materials businesses, and optimizing crude-to-chemical conversion. Embodying his father’s vision of generational transition, Anant is poised to shape RIL’s growth, particularly in the green energy sector. His leadership role not only aligns with the company’s ambitious goals but also positions him for potential wealth accumulation, given RIL’s status as one of India’s and the world’s most valuable companies.

This succession plan could see Anant inheriting a significant share of his father’s considerable fortune, alongside siblings Akash and Isha, actively engaged in RIL’s consumer businesses.

Beyond Reliance: Diversified Investments and Ventures

A. Anant Ambani’s Personal Investment Portfolio

Anant Ambani's personal investment portfolio

Anant Ambani chairs multiple subsidiaries of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and is a key figure in strategic decisions. He leads RIL’s push into renewable energy, targeting 100 GW of solar power by 2030 with a ₹75,000 crore investment. His involvement extends to major partnerships, including collaborations with Google and a 20% stake deal with Saudi Aramco.

Beyond renewables, Anant invests in startups focusing on education, health, and technology. His successful ventures, such as Embibe, KareXpert, and Asteria Aerospace, align with RIL’s strategic objectives. His contributions extend to supporting Reliance Foundation initiatives like the Young Champs scholarship and Reliance Foundation Schools.

While Anant’s initiatives diversify RIL’s portfolio and bolster its social impact, challenges persist. Regulatory uncertainties, competitive pressures, and environmental concerns pose risks. Some proxy advisory firms have questioned his board appointment, citing age and experience concerns. Success hinges on factors like land availability, policy support, and startup viability.

Anant’s investments have the potential for high returns, aiding RIL’s vision to be carbon-neutral by 2035. However, challenges, including regulatory scrutiny and uncertainties in renewable energy, may impact RIL’s market standing. Despite risks, Anant’s strategic moves contribute to RIL’s brand value, customer loyalty, and profitability. His startup investments enhance RIL’s technological access and innovation potential. However, navigating challenges is crucial to ensuring sustained success, mitigating risks, and preserving RIL’s reputation, trust, and goodwill.

B. Philanthropic Endeavors

Anant Ambani's Philanthropic Endeavors

Anant Ambani is recognized not only for his familial ties but also for his active philanthropy, supporting wildlife protection, education, and sustainability.

Some of the notable philanthropic activities of Anant Ambani are:

  • He was nominated as a member of the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee by the chief minister of Uttarakhand in March 2019.
  • He contributed to making laminated corrugated cardboard furniture for 27 COVID-19 hospitals in six Indian states.
  • He donated a huge amount of money to the Nitya Annadanam scheme, which provides free meals to the pilgrims visiting the Tirumala temple.

These philanthropic endeavors carry both positive and negative financial implications. On the positive side, they underscore Anant’s social responsibility, generosity, and commitment to societal welfare. Such actions enhance his reputation, credibility, and goodwill, potentially leading to tax benefits, networking opportunities, and strategic partnerships. Conversely, these activities may impact personal wealth, divert attention from core business activities, and expose him to criticism, legal issues, and conflicts of interest.

Anant Ambani’s philanthropy not only shapes his public image but also influences future business opportunities. Positive outcomes include increased popularity, respect, and admiration, showcasing leadership and innovation essential for entrepreneurship. Such initiatives may attract like-minded customers, investors, and partners. On the flip side, these actions may trigger jealousy, resentment, and hostility from competitors, raising doubts about motives and funding sources, and creating unrealistic expectations and pressures from various quarters.

Salary and Additional Income Sources

A. Official Salary and Perks at Reliance:

official salary and perks at Reliance Industries

Anant Ambani, a board member of RIL, reportedly forgoes a salary but receives a sitting fee of approximately ₹6 lakh per meeting and an estimated annual commission exceeding ₹2 crore, based on the company’s performance. In contrast to his cousins Hital and Nikhil Meswani, who earn ₹24 crore each annually, Anant’s compensation aligns with industry standards and underscores his dedication to the company’s growth and social responsibility.

Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s wealthiest individual and Anant’s father, has refrained from receiving a salary for the past three years, capping his annual remuneration at ₹15 crore since 2009. Even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Mukesh Ambani chose to forgo his entire compensation. Anant Ambani’s earnings are also lower than top executives in RIL subsidiaries, like Jio Platforms and Reliance Retail, who command salaries in the range of ₹10-20 crore annually.

Anant Ambani’s official compensation at Reliance mirrors his role as a board member and stakeholder in the company’s vision and values. Actively engaged in philanthropy, particularly through the Reliance Foundation chaired by his mother, Nita Ambani, he channels his interests in sports, education, health, and the environment to support various causes and organizations. Described as a young and dynamic leader, Anant is seen as someone poised to elevate the legacy of Reliance to new heights in the future.

Additional Income Streams

Anant Ambani's additional income streams

As a board member of RIL, Anant Ambani does not receive any salary or remuneration from the company. He only gets paid a sitting fee and a commission on the profit earned by the firm. The amount of the fee and commission is not disclosed, but it is likely to be substantial given RIL’s strong performance and growth.

Apart from his board position, Anant Ambani may also have other sources of income, such as:

  • Board memberships: Anant Ambani may serve on the boards of other companies or organizations, either as an independent director or as a representative of RIL. He may receive fees, allowances, or stock options for his board services. For example, he is a trustee of the Reliance Foundation, the philanthropic arm of RIL, which supports various social and environmental causes.
  • Consulting fees: Anant Ambani may offer his expertise and advice to other businesses or individuals, either as a consultant or as a mentor. He may charge fees or receive equity stakes for his consulting services. For example, he is a mentor at Antler, a global startup generator and early-stage venture capital firm.
  • Royalties: Anant Ambani may earn royalties from his intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, or copyrights. He may also receive royalties from his media appearances, such as interviews, podcasts, or documentaries.


Anant Ambani’s wealth tapestry blends inherited Reliance riches with astute personal investments, revealing a savvy individual keen to diversify beyond his family’s shadow. While future leadership within Reliance looms, his entrepreneurial ventures whisper of independent ambitions.

The challenge lies in balancing legacy with individuality, as he navigates the path towards shaping his financial dominion. Will he rewrite the rules or simply turn the page to the next chapter? Only time will unveil the true extent of Anant Ambani’s financial enigma.

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