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Troy Ave

Troy Ave net worth is $2 Million USD. Troy Ave is one of the richest and most famous American rappers and musicians. In the early 2010s, Troy Ave made a powerful entrance into the music scene, captivating audiences with his distinctive sound that seamlessly fused together elements of both street rap and classic East Coast hip-hop. In this article, we will have a detailed look at how Troy Ave net worth increased over the past few years and what are his income details. But before that, let us have some brief information about Troy Ave.

Troy Ave Net Worth, Income Details, Family, and Career Highlights

Brief Information about Troy Ave

NameTroy Ave
Real NameRoland Collins
Date of Birth23 November 1985
Age37 years
Lil Ro-Ro
OccupationRapper, Musician
Net Worth in USD$2 Million USD

Troy Ave, born Roland Collins, is a rapper and musician hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He burst onto the music scene in the early 2010s with a unique sound that blended elements of street rap and traditional East Coast hip-hop. Known for his gritty lyrics and powerful delivery, Troy Ave quickly became a fan favorite in the rap world.

Born on November 23, 1985, Troy Ave grew up in the tough neighborhoods of Brooklyn. His experiences on the streets of New York City would later become the inspiration for much of his music. In the early 2000s, he began his music career as a member of the rap group Brick Starz. He went on to release his debut solo mixtape “I’m in Traffick” in 2009, which gained him some recognition in the underground rap scene.

Although Troy Ave experienced early successes, his career has been overshadowed by controversy. In 2016, he was arrested following a shooting at a T.I. concert in New York City, which resulted in legal troubles and a significant setback to his career. The incident also damaged his reputation within the industry. Despite these challenges, Troy Ave continues to be a prominent figure in the rap scene, and he remains active in releasing music and pursuing various business ventures.

Apart from his music career, Troy Ave is also an entrepreneur and owns his independent record label, BSB Records. He has also partnered with several brands, such as Monster Energy and Belaire Champagne. Additionally, he has written a motivational book titled “The Secret to Success,” which provides inspiration and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Today, Troy Ave net worth is $2 million USD, and he continues to make music and pursue his business ventures. His unique sound and streetwise lyrics have made him a force to be reckoned with in the rap world, and he remains a favorite among fans of East Coast hip-hop. Let us have a look at how Troy Ave net worth increased in the past few years as a successful rapper and what are his income details.

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Troy Ave Net Worth and Income Details

Troy Ave net worth

As mentioned earlier Troy Ave net worth is $2 Million USD and it has increased majorly in recent years. Troy Ave is a successful rapper and a successful music artist who has worked with major brands and sold numerous albums which have helped him in the growth of his personal fortune. Here is how Troy Ave net worth grew over the past few years.

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Troy Ave Net Worth Growth

YearsNet Worth in USD
2022$2 Million USD
2021$1.8 Million USD 
2020$1.4 Million USD 
2019$1 Million USD 
2018$980,000 USD 

Troy Ave Income Details

Troy Ave has an annual income of more than $750,000 USD per year which he mainly earns from music. Troy Ave’s income sources include his music career, which generates revenue through album and merchandise sales, as well as concert tours and live performances. He also earns money through brand endorsements and sponsorships, including partnerships with brands such as Monster Energy and Belaire Champagne.

Additionally, Troy Ave is a successful entrepreneur and runs his own record label, BSB Records, which generates additional income. He has also published a book, “The Secret to Success,” which provides a source of passive income through book sales. Overall, Troy Ave’s income is predominantly generated through his music career, supplemented by various business ventures and sponsorships. All these income sources add up and grow Troy Ave net worth every year.

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Troy Ave Career Highlights

Troy Ave career

Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, is an American rapper and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. He was born on November 23, 1985, and began his career in the early 2000s as a member of the rap group Brick Starz. In 2009, he released his debut solo mixtape, “I’m In Traffick,” which gained him some attention in the underground rap scene.

Troy Ave’s big break came in 2012 with the release of his mixtape “White Christmas.” The success of the album led to a record deal with major label RCA Records, and in 2015, he released his debut studio album, “Major Without a Deal.” The album was a commercial success, debuting at number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart and featuring guest appearances from artists such as 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Despite the album’s success, Troy Ave’s career was soon marred by controversy. In 2016, he was involved in a shooting incident at a T.I. concert in New York City, where he was accused of shooting a gun and injuring several people. He was later arrested and charged with attempted murder and other offenses. The incident damaged his reputation and caused a significant setback in his career.

Troy Ave continued to release music after the shooting incident, but his popularity had declined significantly. He parted ways with RCA Records and started his own independent label, BSB Records. In 2018, he released his second studio album, “More Money More Problems,” which failed to make an impact commercially.

In addition to his music career, Troy Ave has also pursued various business ventures. He has a partnership with Monster Energy and has appeared in their advertisements. He also founded the clothing brand, “BSB Clothing,” which features merchandise from his record label. Music and business ventures have increased Troy Ave net worth majorly in recent years.

Overall, Troy Ave’s career has been marked by both success and controversy. He is known for his street-oriented lyrics and aggressive flow, which have drawn comparisons to New York rap legends such as 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Despite the setbacks in his career, he remains a prominent figure in the rap scene and continues to release music and pursue various business ventures.

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Common FAQs about Troy Ave

What is the net worth of Troy Ave?

Troy Ave net worth was $2 Million USD in 2022. It can be estimated that Troy Ave net worth might increase up to $2.5 Million USD by the end of 2023.

What is Troy Ave’s real name?

Troy Ave’s real name is Roland Collins.

What kind of music does Troy Ave make?

Troy Ave makes a blend of street rap and traditional East Coast hip-hop. His music often features gritty, raw lyrics that reflect his experiences growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

What happened to Troy Ave in the T.I. concert shooting?

In May 2016, Troy Ave was involved in a shooting incident that took place at a T.I. concert at the Irving Plaza venue in New York City. The incident resulted in the death of his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, and several others were injured, including Troy Ave himself, who was shot in the leg.

Is Troy Ave rich?

Yes. Troy Ave net worth of $2 Million USD makes him one of the richest rappers and entrepreneurs in USA.

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