Serena Williams Net Worth 2022: And Other Interesting Information

Famous American Tennis Champion Serena Williams net worth is $270 Million USD and she is the richest female Tennis player in the world. She is the youngest sister of another famous Tennis Champion player Venus Williams and famous coach Richard Williams. In this article, we will have a look at Serena Williams net worth and how much she earned over the years as a successful Tennis player. Before that let us have some brief information about her.

NameSerena Williams
Real NameSerena Jameka Williams
Date of Birth26 September 1981
Age40 years
FatherRichard Williams
MotherOracene Price
SisterVenus Williams
HusbandAlexis Ohanian
DaughterAlexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
OccupationTennis Player, Businesswoman
Net Worth$270 Million

Serena Jameka Williams also known as Serena Williams is an American professional Tennis player who has achieved some major trophies in her career. She is also known to be the best female Tennis player of all time. Serena Williams was born on 26 September 1981 and she is 40 years old as of now.

Serena Williams was born in Saginaw in Michigan, United States. She was the youngest daughter of famous Tennis coach Richard Williams and his second wife Oracene Price. Famous tennis player Venus Williams is the elder sister of Serena Williams and they both started learning tennis together under their father Richard Williams.

Serena Williams also has other cousins’ step-brothers and step-sisters, which we will discuss in a later part of the article. Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian, a famous American Entrepreneur, and Businessman. Together they have a daughter named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams net worth combined is more than $300 Million USD.

Serena Williams net worth is more than $270 Million USD and her net worth is continuously growing. She earned more money through playing Tennis professionally than any other female Tennis player in the world. It can also be said that her net worth is continuously growing every year. Let us have a detailed look at Serena Williams net worth and income details in the last 5 years.

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Serena Williams Net Worth and Income Details

Serena Williams net worth

Serena Williams net worth is more than $270 Million USD and her net worth is increasing every year because of her professional Tennis career and the business ventures she has developed over the years. Let us have a look at how Serena Williams net worth grew over the past few years.

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Serena Williams Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth in USD
2021$270 Million USD
2020$230 Million USD
2019$220 Million USD
2018$180 Million USD
2017$160 Million USD

Serena Williams’s net worth saw a major boost in the last 5 years. Serena Williams’s net worth at the end of 2017 was $160 Million USD but at the end of 2021, Serena Williams’s net worth was $270 Million USD. Serena Williams’s net worth saw a massive boost of a whopping $110 Million USD in the last 5 years. It can be estimated that Serena Williams’s net worth at the end of 2022 will be around $280 Million USD.

Now let us have a look at how Serena Williams earns and how much she earns every year.

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Serena Williams Income Details

Serena Williams earns more than $2 Million USD annually. Although her main source of income is Tennis but she earns more money from endorsements and other businesses she has ventured into. According to some reports, Serena Williams was the second-highest paid female athlete in the year 2021 after Tennis star Naomi Osaka with a total earning of $35.2 Million USD.

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Serena Williams has many other sources of income like her brand deal with Nike worth $40 Million USD for 5 years. Serena Williams also owns a capital venture firm named Serena Ventures which has more than 5 investors. Serena Williams also endorses many brands like IBM, Intel, Gatorade, Aston Martin, Beats by Dr. Dre, and other famous brands. Her brand endorsements are also a source of her income. Serena Williams is also the Chief Sporting Officer of the English Automobile brand Aston Martin.

All these brands’ endorsements play a major role in the growth of Serena Williams net worth.

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More Information about Serena Williams

Now that we know that Serena Williams has a multimillion-dollar net worth, let us have some more information about her.

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Serena Williams Family

Serena Williams family
Serena Williams Family
Serena Williams Family
Serena Williams father Richard Williams
Serena Williams mother Orcene Price
Serena Williams husband and dauughter
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Serena Williams was born in Saginaw in Michigan, United States. Serena Williams is the youngest daughter of Richard Williams and Oracene Price. Her elder sister is Venus Williams, a famous Tennis player the sisters together have won many major titles and have many records to their name. Serena Williams also has step-sisters and step-brothers through her father’s previous marriages.

Before the birth of Serena Williams and Venus Williams, their mother Oracene Price was already married and had 3 daughters named Yetunde Price, Isha Price, and Lyndrea Price. They are Serena Williams’ step-sisters. Yetunde Price was Selena and Venus Williams’ manager and their biggest support but she was murdered in a shootout at Compton in California.

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Before marrying her mother Oracene Price, her father Richard Williams married Betty Johnson and with her, he has 5 children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters. Their names are Sabrina Williams, Richard Williams III, Ronner Williams, Reluss Williams, and Reneeka Williams. All of them are step-brothers and step-sisters of Serena Williams and his father’s first wife Betty Johnson is Serena Williams’ step-mother.

Richard Williams divorced her mother Oracene Price in the year 2002 and after staying single for a long time, he again remarried an actress and model Lakeisha Graham in the year 2014. With Lakeisha Graham, Richard Williams has a son named Dylan Starr Williams. Dyan Starr Williams is another step-brother of Serena Williams.

Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian on 16 November 2017 and 2 months prior to her marriage with Alexis Ohanian, on 1 September 2017, Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

Alexis Ohanian is a Businessman and Entreprenuer who co-founded popular social news and discussion platform Reddit along with Steve Huffman. Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams net worth combined is more than $300 Million USD.

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Serena Williams Social Media

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Serena Williams Career

Serena Williams Career

Serena Williams started her Tennis career at the age of 4 years. Serena Williams was mainly coached by her father Richard Williams when she was very young. Serena Williams’ talent and potential as a professional player got noticed by Rick Macci and he decided to train her.

The family moved from Compton to Florida so that Serena Williams and Venus Williams could join Rick Macci’s academy. For some years, both the sisters trained at Rick Macci’s academy.

Serena Williams made her professional debut in the year 1995 at the age of 14 years old in the Bell Challenge, Quebec where she won two games but lost against Annie Miller. Since then, she has been playing professionally and has won many awards and recognition in her career.

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Here is a list of some of the major tournaments and trophies Serena Williams has won over the years.

1998WimbledonMixed-DoublesMax Mirnyi
1998US OpenMixed-DoublesMax Mirnyi
1999US OpenSingle
1999French OpenDoublesVenus Williams
1999US OpenDoublesVenus Williams
2000WimbledonDoublesVenus Williams
2000Olympic GoldDoublesVenus Williams
2001Australian OpenDoublesVenus Williams
2002French OpenSingle
2002WimbledonDoublesVenus Williams
2002US OpenSingle
2003Australian OpenSingle
2003Australian OpenDoublesVenus Williams
2005Australian OpenSingle
2007Australian OpenSingle
2008US OpenSingle
2008WimbledonDoublesVenus Williams
2008Olympic GoldDoublesVenus Williams
2009Australian OpenSingle
2009WimbledonDoublesVenus Williams
2009US OpenDoublesVenus Williams
2010Australian OpenSingle
2010Australian OpenDoublesVenus Williams
2010French OpenDoublesVenus Williams
2012US OpenSingle
2012WimbledonDoublesVenus Williams
2012Olympic GoldSingle
2012Olympic GoldDoublesVenus Williams
2013French OpenSingle
2013US OpenSingle
2014US OpenSingle
2015Australian OpenSingle
2015French OpenSingle
2016WimbledonDoublesVenus Williams
2017Australian OpenSingle
Serena Williams celebrating her Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympics

Serena Williams has won 73 titles in her career so far. Some of the major titles she won in the single category are- 1 x Olympic Medal, 7 x Australian Open, 3 x French Open, 7 x Wimbledon, and 6 x US Open. In the doubles category, the trophies she has won are- 3 x Olympic Gold, 4 x Australian Open, 2 x French Open, 6 x Wimbledon, and 2 X US Open. Serena Williams has won 1 Wimbledon and 1 US Open in the mixed double category.

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Serena Williams Car Collection

Serena Williams car collection
Serena Williams car collection
Serena Williams car collection
Serena Williams car collection
Serena Williams car collection
Serena Williams car collection - Lincoln Navigator
Serena Williams car collection - Mini Cooper
Serena Williams car collection - Bentley Continental GT
Serena Williams car collection - Aston Martin Vanquish
Serena Williams car collection - Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
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Serena Williams net worth of $270 Million USD makes her one of the richest athletes in the world. And as one of the richest Tennis players in the world, she owns some of the best cars. Here are some of the cars owned by Serena Williams.

CarsPrice in USD
Lincoln Navigator$80,000 USD to $90,000 USD
Mini Cooper$20,000 USD to $30,000 USD
Bentley Continental GT$200,000 USD to $300,000 USD
Aston Martin Vanquish$250,000 USD to $300,000 USD
Mercedes Benz G63 AMG$140,000 USD to $180,000 USD

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