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Famous Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin net worth is $150 Million USD. Ricky Martin is one of the richest singers from Puerto Rico. Ricky Martin is also a songwriter, composer, and actor. Ricky Martin is a very versatile singer who has released songs from different genres like Pop, Latin Pop, Reggaeton, and Salsa. He is one of the best Puerto Rican singers in this world alongside Don Omar. In this article, we will have a brief look at Ricky Martin net worth and his income details.

But before that let us have some brief information about him.

NameRicky Martin
Real NameEnrique Martin Morales
Nick NameKing of Latin Pop
King of Latin Music
Latin Pop God
Date of Birth24 December 1971
Age50 Years
FatherEnrique Martin Negroni
MotherDona Nereida Morales
BrotherFernando Fernandez
Angel Fernandez
Eric Martin
Daniel Martin
SisterVanessa Martin
Partner (Spouse)Jwan Yosef
ChildrenValentino Martin
Matteo Martin
Renn Martin-Yosef
Lucia Martin-Yosef
OccupationSinger, Song Writer and Actor
Net Worth$150 Million USD

Enrique Martin Morales, popularly known as Ricky Martin, is a famous singer, songwriter, composer, and actor. Over the years. Ricky Martin has composed many songs which were chartbuster hits. Ricky Martin is known as the King of Pop or King of Latin Pop. He has composed music in different genres like Pop, Latin Pop, Reggaeton, and Salsa.

Ricky Martin was born on 24 December 1971 in San Juan in Puerto Rico. He is 50 years old. Ricky Martin’s father’s name is Enrique Martin Negroni and his mother’s name is Dona Nereida Morales. Ricky Martin has 4 brothers, two from his father’s side and 2 from his mother’s side. He has one sister and she is from his father’s side.

Ricky Martin got married to London-based painter Jwan Yosef on 30 March 2016. Ricky Martin became father to three boys and one girl. The name of his sons is Valentino Martin, Matteo Martin, and Renn Martin-Yosef. The name of his daughter is Lucia Martin-Yosef.

Ricky Martin net worth is $150 Million USD. Ricky Martin is one of the richest and most decorated Puerto Rican singers settled in the USA. Over the years, Ricky Martin has not only gained a name and fame with his music but has also gained a lot of wealth. Let us have a look at how Ricky Martin net worth has increased over the years.

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Ricky Martin Net Worth and Income Details

Ricky Martin net worth

Ricky Martin net worth is more than $150 Million USD and this makes him one of the richest Puerto Rican singers. Let us have a look at how Ricky Martin net worth increased over the years.

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Ricky Martin Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth in USD
2021$130 Million USD
2020$120 Million USD
2019$110 Million USD
2018$95 Million USD
2017$80 Million USD

Ricky Martin net worth has seen massive growth in the last 5 years. Ricky Martin net worth in 2017 was around $80 Million USD. But by the end of 2021, Ricky Martin net worth was more than $130 Million USD. This shows that Ricky Martin net worth has increased up to $50 Million in the last years.

It is estimated that by the end of 2022, Ricky Martin net worth will be somewhere around $150 Million USD.

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Ricky Martin Income Details

Ricky Martin has an annual income of $12 Million USD or more. Ricky Martin mainly earns from his music and music labels. Ricky Martin’s net worth is highly influenced by his income which comes from music and sales of his music. He earns somewhere around $850,000 USD to $900,000 USD per month from music sales.

Ricky Martin also earns from live shows and concerts. He is a famous celebrity so he also earns from different brand collaborations and brand endorsements. Ricky Martin earns an extra $100,000 USD from other sources. Ricky Martin makes an extra $1.5 Million USD per year from his YouTube Channel.

Now that we know about Ricky Martin net worth and his income details, let us have some more detailed information about him.

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More Information about Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin Family

Ricky Martin family
Ricky Martin with his spouse and his kids

Ricky Martin was born in San Juan in Puerto Rico on 24 December 1971. His father’s name is Enrique Martin Negroni and his mother’s name is Dona Nereida Morales. His parents got divorced when he was just 2 years old. Ricky Martin used to live with his mother but also used to visit his father.

His father Enrique Martin Negroni was a psychologist who used to work as a regional supervisor for a Puerto Rican mental health agency.

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His mother Dona Nereida Morales used to work as an accountant. Ricky Martin has four brothers and all of them are his half-brothers. His brothers Eric Martin and Daniel Martin are his paternal half-brothers. He also has two other half-brothers named Angel Fernandez and Fernando Fernandez who are his maternal half-brothers. Ricky Martin also has a paternal half-sister named Vanessa Martin.

Ricky Martin has had many relationships in the past with many women like Alejandra Guzman, Gabriela Sabatini, and Rebecca de Alba. But later on, he publically admitted that he was gay. Ricky Martin fell in love with a London-based painter named Jwan Yosef and married him on 30 March 2016.

Before his marriage to Jwan Yosef, Ricky Martin was already a father to two sons named Valentino Martin and Matteo Martin. Ricky Martin became father to a son and a daughter after his marriage with Jwan Yosef. The name of their son is Renn Martin-Yosef and their daughter’s name is Lucia Martin-Yosef.

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Ricky Martin Social Media

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Ricky Martin Career

Ricky Martin career

Ricky Martin started singing when he was 6 years old. He used to follow and sing songs of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo. He also used to hear Led Zeppelin, Journey, and Speed Wagon. Ricky Martin started his career in 1984 when he was 12 years old with the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo. His first performance with Menudo was in Luis A. Ferre Performing Arts Center in San Juan.

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After he left Menudo, he started his own music career by releasing his own albums. Some of Ricky Martins’s best songs are:

SongLink to the Song
She BangsLink
Livin’ La Vida LocaLink
Nobody Wants to be LonelyLink
La Copa de la VidaLink
Shake Your Bon BonLink
La MordiditaLink
Vente Pa’ CaLink
La BombaLink

To know more information about Ricky Martin’s career click here.

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Ricky Martin Awards and Achievements

Ricky Martin Awards

Throughout his career, Ricky Martin has achieved many awards and accolades. According to many sources, Ricky Martin has won over 200 Awards in his career. Some of his awards are:

2 x Grammy Awards
5 x Latin Grammy Awards
5 x MTV Video Music Awards
2 x American Music Awards
3 x Billboard Music Awards
3 x Latin American Music Awards
1 x Billboard Video Music Award
9 x Billboard Latin Music Awards
8 x World Music Award
14 x Lo Nuestro Awards
1 x Guinness World Record

Ricky Martin was also honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007.

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Ricky Martin Controversies

Ricky Martin’s 21-year-old nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez had put some severe allegations against him. He accused Ricky Martin of incest with him and having a 7 month relationship with him. He also accused Ricky Martin of assaulting him physically and mentally. According to the allegations, Ricky Martin could have faced up to 50 years in prison. But according to the latest news, his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez has dropped the allegations against him and decided not to move forward with the case.

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