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Phillip Adams Net Worth 2022: Interesting Details and Other Information

Phillip Adams net worth of $7 Million USD made him one of the richest American Football players when he was an active football player until his death in the year 2021. Phillip Adams played for many different teams in the NFL. The last team Phillip Adams played for was the Atlanta Falcons. In this article, we will have a look at Phillipp Adams net worth and his income source. But first, let us have brief information about him.

Brief Information about Phillip Adams

NamePhillip Adams
Full NamePhillip Matthew Adams
Date of Birth20 July 1988
Date of Death8 April 2021
Age32 Years
FatherAlonzo Adams
MotherPhyllis Adams
SisterLauren Adams
OccupationAmerican Football Player
Net Worth$7 Million USD

Phillip Matthew Adams commonly known as Phillip Adams is an American Football player who played football for different NFL teams like New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, and Atlanta Falcons.

Phillip Adams was born on 20 July 1988 in Rockhill, South Carolina, USA. He was the youngest of three brothers and sisters. Phillip Adam’s father is Alonzo Adams and his mother is Phyllis Adams. Phillip Adams has an elder sister named Lauren Adams.

Phillip Adams was an NFL player who played in the cornerback position for NFL teams like Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, and Atlanta Falcons. He started playing American Football during his college days at South Carolina State University.

Phillip Adams shot himself dead on 8 April 2021 during a police confrontation after he was taken as a suspect for shooting and killing 6 people including two children the day before. Phillip Adams died at the age of 32 years.

Before his death, Phillip Adams net worth was $7 Million USD and this made him one of the richest cornerbacks in the NFL. He was getting paid a handsome yearly salary of $745,000 USD from the Atlanta Falcons.

Let us have a detailed look at Phillip Adams net worth and income details when he was active as a player.

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Phillip Adams Net Worth and Income Details

Phillip Adams Net Worth

Phillip Adams net worth is $7 Million USD and he was one of the highest-paid players on the Atlanta Falcons team if not in the entire NFL. Let us have a look at how Phillip Adams net worth increased during his 6 years as a player in the NFL.

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Phillip Adams Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth
2021$7 Million USD
2020$6.2 Million USD
2019$6 Million USD
2018$5 Million USD
2017$4.5 Million USD

Phillip Adams net worth grew over the last 5 years. In 2017, Phillip Adams net worth was $4.5 Million USD but at the end of the year 2021, Phillip Adams net worth was $7 Million USD. This shows that Phillip Adams net worth increased up to $25 Million USD in the last 5 years. His football career was the main source of his income growth. Phillip Adams net worth would have been $8 Million USD at the end of 2022 if he was alive.

Phillip Adams Income

Phillip Adams’ annual income was around $745,000 USD. This income was in the form of salary which he got from the NFL team Atlanta Falcons. Phillip Adams had a contract with the Atlanta Falcons which paid him $745,000 USD per year as a part of the contract. Phillip Adams earned more than $6.5 Million USD in his lifetime as an NFL Player.

More Information about Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams Family

Phillip Adams was born on 20 July 1988 in Rockhill, South Carolina. His father’s name is Alonzo Adams and his mother’s name is Phyllis Adams. Phillip Adams is the youngest of the three children in the family. His elder sister’s name is Lauren Adams while the name of his other sibling is unknown to us.

Phillip Adams’ mother Phyllis Adams was a teacher in the Rock Hill School in South Carolina. Phyllis Adams was left paralyzed after she had a road accident in 2009. In between, Phillip Adams’ football career was over but Phillip decided to continue playing football after her mother’s accident. It is said that Phyllis Adams was the main motivation behind Phillip Adams making it to the NFL.

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Phillip Adams Career and Stats

Adam Phillips started playing Football when he was 14 years old. Phillipp Adams started rising in his football career when he attended South Carolina State University and played as a freshman for the South Carolina State Bulldogs team.

In 2010, Phillip Adams was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the 7th round of the draft. But due to an injury against St. Louis in which he broke his left ankle, his playing time was reduced and he was later released but the San Francisco 49ers in 2011.

After that Phillip Adams was signed by the New England Patriots in September 2011. Phillip Adams’ time with the New England Patriots didn’t work well because of continuous releasing to make room for new players and after resigning again.

In December 2011, Philip Adams was signed by the Seattle Seahawks, but he only made one appearance for them and was later released by them.

In September 2012, Phillip Adam signed for the Oakland Raiders. Phillipp Adams showed some good signs for Oakland Raiders as he played 15 out of the 16 Oakland Raiders games by delivering one crucial interception. By the end of 2012, due to some reasons, Phillip Adams was placed under the injured reserves by the Oakland Raiders team. In 2013, Adams played all 16 games for the Oakland Raiders.

In March 2014, he was again signed by the Seattle Seahawks but he was later released by the Seattle Seahawks in the month of August because of his problems and how he struggled in the training ground.

Phillip Adams then joined the New York Jets in September 2014 where he performed well by having 24 tackles and 1 interceptions in 12 games. In 2015, Phillip Adams joined the Atlanta Falcons where he played 13 games and had 1 interceptions and 38 tackles.

Phillip Adams Death

Robert and Barbara Lesslie
Robert Lesslie and Barbara Lesslie

On Apri 7, 2021, Phillip Adams committed murder by killing 3 people of a single-family and 2 AC repairmen who were working at the spot. Phillips Adams attacked the Lesslie family and killed 70 years old Robert Lesslie, his 69 years old wife Barbara Lesslie and their two grandchildren named Adah Lesslie and Noah Lesslie who were 9 years and 5 years old respectively. He also killed two AC repairmen named James Lewis and Robert Shook who were working at the spot.

After killing 5 people in the same location, Phillip Adams fled to another location where he had a standoff with the police and later Phillip Adams shot himself to death. Phillip Adams was 32 years old at the time of his death.

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