Michael Phelps Net Worth in 2022: How Rich is the Best Olympic Athlete?


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Michael Phelps

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps net worth is $120 Million USD. Michael Phelps can be considered one of the best and fastest swimmers in the world. Michael Phelps is from the USA and has represented the USA in the Olympic Games. In this article, we will have a look at Michael Phelps net worth and income in detail. But before that, let us have some brief information about him.

Michael Phelps Net Worth, Income Details, Family, and Career Highlights

Brief Information about Michael Phelps

NameMichael Phelps
Real NameMichael Fred Phelps II
Nick NameThe Baltimore Bullet
Flying Fish
Date of Birth30 June 1985
Age37 Years
FatherMichael Fred Phelps
MotherDeborah Sue Phelps
OccupationSwimmer, Athlete
Years Active2000 – 2016
Net Worth$120 Million USD

Michael Fred Phelps II, popularly known as Michael Phelps is a former American professional swimmer and Olympian who represented America in the Olympic Games. He is known to be the best swimmer of all time. Michael Phelps has won numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in Olympic Games.

Michael Phelps was born on 30 June 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland, US. His father’s name is Michael Fred Phelps and his mother’s name is Deborah Phelps. Michael Phelps is the youngest son in the family. He has two sisters, they are Whitney Phelps and Hilary Phelps. Michael Phelps’s father worked as a State Trooper for Maryland and his mother Deborah Phelps was a middle school principal. He was also a Football player in the 1970s who played for Washington Commanders.

Michael Phelps got married on 13 June 2016 to Miss California Nicole Johnson. Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson were in a relationship for a very long time. Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson are parents to their three sons: Boomer Robert Phelps, Beckett Richard Phelps, and Maverick Nicolas Phelps.

Michael Phelps net worth is approximately $120 Million USD and he is surely the richest swimmer in the world at the moment. Michael Phelps is the only Olympic Athlete who won the most Gold Medals in this world. Michael Phelps holds the record for winning the most Olympic Gold Medals by any individual. He has won a total of 23 Gold Medals in Olympic events. Michael Phelps is considered the greatest swimmer of all time and one of the best Olympic athletes of all time.

Michael Phelps’s net worth kept on increasing every year because of his success which brought him a huge amount of wealth. Let us have a look at how Michael Phelps net worth grew over the years and his income details as the greatest swimmer of all time.

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Michael Phelps Net Worth and Income Details

Michael Phelps net worth

As we already know, Michael Phelps net worth is around $120 Million USD and during his competitive career as an Olympic Athlete, he earned a massive amount of wealth which made him the richest swimmer in the world. He has not only earned Gold medals for his country but has also earned a huge wealth for himself. Even after his retirement from competitive swimming, he has still made a lot of money through the investments he made during his career.

Michael Phelps is the owner of multiple businesses which still makes him a good amount of money. Here is how Michael Phelps net worth increased over the past few years.

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Michael Phelps Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth in USD
2021$110 Million USD
2020$100 Million USD
2019$95 Million USD
2018$89 Million USD
2017$80 Million USD

Michael Phelps’s net worth saw major growth in the last 5 years. Michael Phelps’s net worth in the year 2017 was $80 Million USD. But, by the end of 2021, Michael Phelps’s net worth was around $110 Million USD. Michael Phelps’s net worth increased up to $30 Million USD in the last 5 years.

It can be estimated that Michael Phelps’s net worth will be more than $120 Million USD by the end of 2022.

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Michael Phelps Income Details

Michael Phelps’s income has greatly influenced his net worth over the years. Michael Phelps earns around $6 Million USD – $10 Million USD annually every year. The main source of Michael Phelps’s income comes from sponsorships. Michael Phelps has many well-known and famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Colgate, Under Armour, Visa, Omega, etc. as his sponsors. While another sponsor of his named Speedo gave him an extra $1 Million USD after the completion of the Beijing Games.

Michael Phelps as a famous sportsperson and celeb also earns from brand endorsements. Michael Phelps earns more than $6 Million USD every year from brand endorsement deals. These endorsement deals also make him good wealth which in a way influences his overall net worth.

Now that we have a good idea about Michael Phelps net worth and how his wealth increased over the years, let us have some more information about him and his personal life.

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Michael Phelps Career Highlights

Michael Phelps career

Michael Phelps started swimming when he was 7 years old. He started swimming when his sisters influenced him to join them in swimming classes. Slowly he started liking the sport. Michael Phelps set his first national record when he was 10 years old in 1995. After that, he started training under swimming coach Bob Bowman at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

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Michael Phelps started his career in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games when he was just 15 years old. He didn’t win any medals but finished in 5th place in the 200 meters butterfly.

Michael Phelps won his first gold medal at the 2001 World Aquatics Championships at the age of 15 years. Michael Phelps became the youngest male swimmer to set a world record.

In brief, Michael Phelps has played 5 Olympic Games where he won 23 x Gold Medals, 3 x Silver Medals, and 2 x Bronze Medals.

Michael Phelps has also played in the World Aquatic Championship 6 times where he won 26 x Gold Medals, 6 x Silver Medals, and 1 x Bronze medal.

He has also played in Pan-Pacific Championship 4 times where he won 16 x Gold Medals and 5 x Silver Medals. In total, Michael Phelps has won 65 Gold Medals, 14 Silver Medals, and 3 Bronze Medals in his career.

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Common FAQs about Michael Phelps

What is the net worth of Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps net worth was $120 Million USD in 2021. It can be estimated that Michael Phelps net worth might increase up to $122 Million by the end of 2022.

Why did Michael Phelps retire?

According to some sources, Michael Phelps was suffering from alcohol-related problems which were affecting his performance. So, he decided to end his career on a good note in Rio.

Did Michael Phelps ever lose an Olympic race?

Yes. Michael Phelps lost races multiple times to various opponents.

Is Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer of all time?

Yes. Michael Phelps is known as the G.O.A.T. of swimming as he won 23 Olympic gold medals, the most by any athlete.

Is Michael Phelps the greatest athlete of all time?

Michael Phelps is one of the greatest athletes of all time. There are many great athletes but Michael Phelps is the best Olympian of all time with 23 Olympic gold medals.

Does Michael Phelps have an Olympic tattoo?

Michael Phelps has tattooed Olympic rings on his right hip.

Did Phelps go to college?

Yes. Michael Phelps attended the University of Michigan.

How did Michael Phelps make his money?

The main source of Michael Phelps’ money is the sponsorships he got when he was an athlete. Michael Phelps earns from sponsorships from brands like Louis Vuitton, Colgate, Under Armour, Visa, Omega, Speedo, etc.

How many world records does Michael Phelps still hold?

Michael Phelps currently holds 7 world records.

How old was Michael Phelps in his last Olympics?

Michael Phelps was 31 years old in his last Olympics.

How much did Michael Phelps weigh?

Michael Phelps’s weight is 198.4 lbs. or 90 kgs.

Is Michael Phelps rich?

Michael Phelps net worth of $120 Million USD makes him the richest swimmer in the world in the present time.

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