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Jason Biggs

Famous Hollywood actor and American Pie star Jason Biggs net worth is $35 Million USD. Jason Biggs is a famous actor and comedian who is known for playing the character of Jim Levenstein in the famous adult comedy movie series American Pie. In this article, we will have a look at Jason Biggs net worth and income in detail. But before that, let us have some brief information about him.

Jason Biggs Net Worth, Income Details, Family, and Career Highlights

Brief Information about Jason Biggs

NameJason Biggs
Real NameJason Matthew Biggs
Date of Birth12 May 1978
Age44 Years
FatherGary Louis Biggs
MotherAngela Biggs
SistersHeather Biggs
Chiara Biggs
WifeJenny Mollen
ChildrenSid Biggs
Lazlo Biggs
Years Active1991 – 2022
Net Worth$35 Million USD

Jason Matthew Biggs, popularly known as Jason Biggs, is a Hollywood actor and comedian. Jason Biggs is famously known for playing the role of Jim Levenstein in the famous American adult comedy film series American Pie. Jason Biggs has been a part of four American Pie movies.

Jason Biggs was born on 12 May 1978 in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, USA. He is 44 years as of now. Jason Biggs’s father’s name is Gary Louis Biggs and his mother’s name is Angela Biggs. Jason Biggs has two sisters; they are Heather Biggs and Chiara Biggs. Jason Biggs is half-American and half-Italian. His father Louis Biggs is American Italian and his mother Angela Biggs is also of Sicilian descent.

In April 2008, Jason Biggs married Jenny Mollen. Jenny Mollen is an American actress and author. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen met in the 2008 show My Best Friend’s Girl. They fell in love, got engaged in January 2008, and finally married each other in April 2008. Jason Biggs is a father of two sons. His elder son Sid Biggs was born on 15 February 2014 and his younger son Lazlo Biggs was born on 2 October 2017.

Jason Biggs was raised in the Hasbrouck Heights area of New Jersey. He attended Hasbrouck Heights High School. During his school days, Jason Biggs was a good tennis player. He started his college years at New York University and later he migrated to Montclair State University.

Jason Biggs net worth is around $35 Million USD. Jason Biggs was one of the highest-paid cast of the American Pie series along with Seann William Scott and Alyson Hannigan. Now let us have a look at how Jason Biggs net worth and income grew over the years after his success with the American Pie series.

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Jason Biggs Net Worth and Income Details

Jason Biggs net worth

Jason Biggs has a net worth of $35 Million USD as of now. Jason Biggs net worth increased majorly in the last few years. Let us have a look at how Jason Biggs net worth grew over the years.

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Jason Biggs Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth in USD
2021$35 Million USD
2020$32 Million USD
2019$28 Million USD
2018$25 Million USD
2017$25 Million USD

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Jason Biggs Income Details

Jason Biggs earns around $1.5 Million USD to $2 Million USD per year as his annual salary. The main source of his income and wealth is movies and films. Jason Biggs’s wage per film varies from $1 Million USD to $1.5 Million USD. As a movie star and celebrity, Jason Biggs also earns from different other sources like brand endorsements and promotions. He also earns from brand deals and events. Jason Biggs makes an extra $500,000 USD from all these different sources.

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Jason Biggs Career Highlights

Jason Biggs career

Jason Biggs was already an established actor before landing his role as Jim Levenstein in the American Pie series. Jason Biggs started acting when he was 5 years old. His first TV appearance came when he was 13 years old in 1991 with the series Drexell’s Class aired on FOX.

Jason Biggs also made his film debut in the same year. He landed his first role in the drama film The Boy Who Cried Bitch. His next film came in 1997 with the comedy film Camp Stories. In 1999, Jason Biggs landed the role of Jim Levenstein in American Pie which became a massive success and gave him a lot of name and fame.

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In 2001, Jason Biggs reprised the role of Jim Levenstein in American Pie 2. American Pie 2 had the same star cast as the previous film. American Pie 2 also became one of the best American Pie movies.

In 2003, Jason Biggs again reprised his role as Jim Levenstein in the third part of the 2003 American Pie movie, American Wedding. American Wedding wasn’t as successful as the first two installments of the American Pie films.

All three American Pie films had the same cast of Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Seann William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Eugene Levy, Natasha Lyonne, and others.

After working with several other films for years, he again played the role of Jim Levenstein in the 2012 American Pie movie American Reunion. His American Reunion movie was again a hit. Jason Biggs has also worked in different other movies after his last American Pie movie in 2012.

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Here is a list of all the films by Jason Biggs.

1991The Boy Who Cried Bitch
1997Camp Stories
1999American Pie
1999Detroit Rock City
2001Saving Silverman
2001American Pie 2
2003Anything Else
2003American Wedding
2006Eight Below
2008Over Her Dead Body
2008My Best Friend’s Girl
2011Life Happens
2012American Reunion
2016Amateur Night
2017Angry Angel
2019Jay and the Silent Bob Reboot

Jason Biggs has also appeared in many other films in his career. Jason Biggs is also working on some of his future projects. We may see Jason Biggs on the silver screen very soon.

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Common FAQs about Jason Biggs

What is the net worth of Jason Biggs?

Jason Biggs net worth is $35 Million USD in 2021. It is estimated that Jason Biggs net worth might increase up to $38 Millionn USD by the end of 2022.

What is Jason Biggs’ real name?

The real name of Jason Biggs is Jason Matthew Biggs.

Who is Jason Biggs’ wife?

Jason Biggs’s wife’s name is Jenny Mollen, who is also an actor.

How old is Jason Biggs American Pie?

Jason Biggs is 44 years old as of now.

How much was Jason Biggs paid for American Pie?

Jason Biggs earned more than $15 Million USD collectively from all four American Pie films.

Who did Jenny Mullen marry?

Jenny Mullen married Jason Biggs in the year 2008 after dating for more than 6 months.

Who is the most successful American Pie actor?

The most successful American Pie actors are Jason Biggs who played the role of Jim Levenstein and Seann William Scott who played the role of Steven Stiffler.

Which American Pie movie made the most money?

The movie American Pie 2, released in 2001 became the most successful American Pie movie by earning more than $50 Million USD worldwide.

How tall is Jason Biggs?

Jason Biggs is 1.75 meters tall which is equal to 5 feet 7 inches.

Is Jason Biggs rich?

Jason Biggs net worth of $35 Million USD makes him one of the richest actors from the American Pie films.

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