Brandi Glanville Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the American TV Personality?


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Brandi Glanville

American TV Personality Brandi Glanville net worth is $7 Million USD. She is a popular TV personality and has appeared in multiple TV shows and series. Although she has done multiple shows in her career, she is popularly known for her appearances in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Brandi Glanville also hosts her own podcast named Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. In this article, we will have a look at how Brandi Glanville net worth grew over the past few years and what are her income details.

Before that let us have some brief information about her.

Brandi Glanville Net Worth, Income Details, Family, Career Highlights, Etc.

Brief Information about Brandi Glanville

NameBrandi Glanville
Real NameBrandi Lynn Glanville
Date of Birth16 November 1972
Age50 years
FatherGuy Glanville
MotherJudith Swinehart Glanville
SiblingsTricia Glanville
Michael Glanville
SpouseEddie Cibrian
ChildrenMason Glanville Cibrian
Jake Glanville Cibrian
OccupationTV Personality, Model
Net Worth in USD$7 Million USD

Brandi Lynn Glanville, popularly known as Brandi Glanville is a famous American TV personality and model known for her appearances as a celebrity or a contestant in different TV shows. She is popularly known for her appearances in shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. She has also been a part of both American and English versions of the show Celebrity Big Brother.

Brandi Glanville was born on 16 November 1972 in Salinas, California, United States. She is 50 years old in 2022. Brandi Glanville’s father’s name is Guy Glanville and her mother’s name is Judith Swinehart Glanville. She is the second of three kids of her parents. Brandi Glanville has an elder sister named Tricia Glanville and her younger brother’s name is Michael Glanville.

Brandi Glanville got married to Eddie Cibrian in 2001. Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian are parents to their two sons named Mason Glanville Cibrian and Jake Glanville Cibrian. Brandi Glanville divorced her husband Eddie Cibrian in 2010 after Eddie Cibrian had an affair with the country rock singer LeAnn Rimes.

Brandi Glanville net worth is $7 Million USD and she is considered one of the rich American TV personalities. She has appeared in many TV shows over the years and has always been in the limelight for her fame. Brandi Glanville made her personal fortune through her appearances in different shows. Brandi Glanville has not only earned a name for herself but has also earned a lot of wealth in the process. Let us have a detailed look at Brandi Glanville net worth and how her net worth increased over the years as a popular face in American TV shows. We will also have a look at the earnings of Brandi Glanville and what are her income sources.

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Brandi Glanville Net Worth and Income Details

Brandi Glanville Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Brandi Glanville net worth is $7 Million USD and it is estimated that her net worth might increase even more in the coming years. Brandi Glanville’s net worth growth is because of her appearances in different TV shows as a celebrity and a contestant for which she was paid really well. She has not only earned as a contestant but has also earned a lot of money through brand deals and sponsorships. As a popular celebrity, This has increased her personal fortune to a great extent over the past few years. Here is how Brandi Glanville net worth has increased in the last 5 years.

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Brandi Glanville Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth in USD
2021$7 Million USD
2020$6.5 Million USD
2019$5.8 Million USD
2018$5 Million USD
2017$4.3 Million USD

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Brandi Glanville Income Details

Brandi Glanville has annual earnings of more than $1 Million USD every year. Brandi Glanville net worth is because of her wealth which she has accumulated from different sources like modeling, sales of her book, and her appearances in different shows. She earned a lot of money through shows and TV appearances. Brandi Glanville earned around $185,000 USD per season from the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Other than her TV appearances, she also earned from her book sales.

Brandi Glanville is a very successful model and she has earned a lot of money from it. She has worked with luxury brands like Gucci, Versace, Chanel, etc. Also, a large portion of Brandi Glanville’s money comes from brand commercials and endorsements. According to some sources, Brandi Glanville also earns a good amount of money from her podcast where she features different celebrity guests. Brandi Glanville net worth is growing every year due to her work and the income which she generates as a celebrity.

Brandi Glanville Social Media

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Brandi Glanville Career Highlights

Brandi Glanville career

In 1988, Brandi Glanville started her modeling career after she moved to Paris at the age of 16 years. She signed a contract with Elite Model Management, which is the biggest modeling agency in the world co-owned by Julia Haart.

Brandi Glanville became a successful model and worked in different cities like Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, Tokyo, and Munich. As a model, she has also worked with popular luxury brands like Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, etc.

Brandi Glanville made her Television debut in 2011 with the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She wasn’t in the main cast of the series but she has made part-time appearances as friends of the housewives for which she was paid $18,000 USD per season.

In 2012, Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Hadid joined the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in its third season as one of the housewives. She was in the show for three seasons before leaving the show in 2015.

Brandi Glanville also launched her own clothing line called Brand B in 2012 which was only sold on Amazon. After positive response and sales, the clothing line was launched in the official store in 2014.

Brandi Glanville made guest appearances in the 6th, 9th, and 10th seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi Glanville had an alleged affair with fellow Housewive Denise Richards which contributed to the storyline, She was very shocked when she wasn’t invited for the reunion episode and in season 11.

Brandi Glanville competed on the seventh season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2015 before being let go two weeks before the show’s conclusion. In 2016, she made an appearance on the E! reality series Famously Single.

On the FOX reality cooking competition series My Kitchen Rules in 2017, Glanville and Dean Sheremet placed third. She participated in Celebrity Big Brother UK’s season 20 as a housemate in the same year. On Day 18, she was the fourth resident to leave the residence.

Glanville made an appearance in Season 2 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in 2022. The show’s filming took place in the Berkshires at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor in late 2021.

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Common FAQs about Brandi Glanville

What is Brandi Glanville net worth in 2021?

Brandi Glanville net worth was $5 Million USD in 2021. It can be estimated that Brandi Glanville net worth might increase up to $6.5 Million by the end of 2022.

What is Brandi Glanville’s problem?

Brandi Glanville is suffering from a skin disease named Psoriasis.

Is Brandi Glanville still married?

No. Brandi Glanville divorced her husband, Eddie Cibrian.

Are Brandi Glanville and Kim still friends?

Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards are no longer friends with each other.

Is Brandi Glanville an author?

Yes. Brandi Glanville is an author who has released two books named Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders and Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media is Ruining Romance.

Is Brandi Glanville rich?

Yes. Brandi Glanville net worth of $5 Million USD makes her one of the richest housewives on the show.

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