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Bob Menery

Famous Sports Caster Bob Menery net worth is $5 Million USD and he is one of the most famous and well-known sportscasters in the US. He is also a famous Youtuber who has 113000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel. In this article, we will have a look at how rich and what is Bob Menery net worth in the present time. We will also have a look at his income sources and other information.

Bob Menery Net Worth, Income Details, Family, and Career Highlights

Brief Information about Bob Menery

NameBob Menery
Date of Birth10 June 1987
Age35 years
PlaceBoston, Massachusetts, USA
FatherMark Menery
MotherPatty Menery
BrotherMark Menery Jr.
SisterHeather Menery Leigh
OccupationSportscaster, YouTuber
Net Worth$5 Million USD

Bob Menery is a famous YouTuber and Sportscaster who does commentary for different sports. Bob Menery is one of the top content creators in the US. He also has a podcast where he hosts different celebs and famous personalities. He started his career on YouTube by creating prank videos and roasting videos which gained a lot of popularity. Bob Menery’s career was boosted after one of his videos went viral over the web.

Bob Menery was born on 10 June 1987 in Boston. He is 35 years old as of 2022.

Bob Menery’s father’s name is Mark Menery and his mother’s name is Patty Menery. Bob Menery is the third and youngest child in the family. He has two elder siblings. Mark Menery Jr. is Bob Menery’s elder brother and Heather Menery Leigh is Bob Menery’s elder sister.

Bob Menery isn’t married but he is rumored to be dating a girl named Katie Kearney. Katie Kearney is a Golf player and also a reporter and writer who likes to write about Golf. Katie Kearney was a journalism student who studied journalism at Saint Louis University. Bob Menery’s girlfriend Katie Kearney also worked as a school teacher in Europe and South Africa. But later she quit her teaching job and decided to follow her passion for sports reporting.

Bob Menery is a YouTuber and Sportscaster who is known to have a Golden Voice. Bob Menery started sports commentary in 2017 and got very famous with his style of sports commentary. Bob Menery is also a YouTuber who has a YouTube channel with 113k subscribers. Bob Menery net worth is $5 Million USD in 2021 which he earns through various sources.

Now that we know about Bob Menery net worth, let us find out about Bob Menery’s net worth growth in the last 5 years and his income sources.

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Bob Menery Net Worth and Income Details

Bob Menery Net Worth

Bob Menery net worth was $5 Million USD in the year 2021 and without a doubt, it will be much higher at the end of the year 2022. Bob Menery’s net worth is increasing every year with the increase in his name and fame through YouTube and sports commentary.

At the start of his career as a sportscaster, Bob Menery’s net worth was very low compared to the present day. Over time, the growth in his career also helped Bob Menery to grow his net worth. So let us find out how Bob Menery net worth grew over the recent years.

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Bob Menery Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth
2021$6 Million USD
2020$4.5 Million USD
2019$3.5 Million USD
2018$2 Million USD
2017$1.5 Million USD

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Bob Menery Income Details

Bobb Menery has an annual income of more than $500,000 USD. Bob Menery has various earning sources like Sportscasting and commentary, brand deals, YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, etc. Bob Menery is a highly successful influencer and he also earns from Instagram. Bob Menery charges around $45,000 to $50,000 USD to promote any brand on Instagram.

According to sources, Bob Menery earns more than $70,000 USD from YouTube and also a huge portion of his income comes from sportscasting. Though his earnings from sports commentary are undisclosed we can estimate that he earns $90,000 USD to $100,000 USD from sports commentary.

As a successful sports commentator, YouTuber and Influencer, Bobb Menery saw his income, as well as net worth, grow rapidly over the last 5 years. He still has a lot to do before retiring and he might be known as one of the best sports commentators before he retires.

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Bob Menery on Social Media

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Bob Menery Career Highlights

Bob Menery career

After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Bob Menery dreamt of working in films. He moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams but somehow, he only managed to grab some roles in films and shows. According to IMDb, Bob Menery is an actor who grabbed roles in shows like Billions (2016).

During that time, Bob Menery also worked as a Caddie in the Wilshere Country Club in Los Angeles. He struggled to make his living as a caddie and also find any kind of work in Hollywood. He continued to try his luck for 4 years and finally, he decided to quit.

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After quitting his job, he returned to Boston where he started making comedy videos. He started sportscasting in a comic way where he used foul language to describe the situation. His videos were R-rated but also funny, which was loved by the audience.

Bob Menery became an overnight sensation after one of his videos went viral. His video was shared all over the web and his subscribers count spiked overnight. His YouTube channel saw a massive boost after his videos went viral.

Later he started creating podcasts where he interviews different celebs. Now, Bob Menery net worth of $5 Million USD makes him one of the most famous internet celebs in the World.

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Common FAQs about Bob Menery

What is the net worth of Bob Menery?

Bob Menery net worth was $6 Million USD in 2021. It is estimated that Bob Menery net worth might increase up to $7.5 Million USD by the end of 2022.

Who is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery is an Instagram star, YouTuber, and host of a famous podcast named Zapped Podcast.

What happened between Bob and Kyle?

Bob Menery and Kyle Forgeard had a feud between them. Bob Menery said that Kyle Forgeard removed him from the Full Send Podcast once the show was famous and was making a lot of money.

Is Bob Menery in Billions?

Bob Menery made an appearance in the 2016 TV show Billions.

Does Bob Menery work for ESPN?

Yes. Bob Menery works as a sportscaster for ESPN.

What podcast is Bob Menery on?

Bob Menery is on the Ripper Magoo Podcast.

Where did Bob Menery Caddie?

Bob Menery worked as a caddie for the Wilshire Country Club.

Is Bob Menery rich?

Yes. Bob Menery net worth of $6 Million USD makes him one of the richest sportscasters and YouTubers in the USA.

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