Bhangarh Fort: The Most Haunted Place in India

Do you know that in Rajasthan, a fort named Bhangarh Fort is known as the most haunted and spooky place in India? In this article, we will take a look at the most haunted fort of India named Bhangarh Fort.

Bhangarh Fort in Brief

Name: Bhangarh Fort

Place: Alwar District

State: Rajasthan

Built By: Bhagwant Das

Completed on: 1573

Controlled By: Government of India

Known As: Tourist Destination

Famous For: Most Haunted Place in India

The Bhangarh Fort is a 16th-century fort built by King Bhagwant Das of Alwar for his younger son Madho Singh. The construction of the fort was completed in 1573 AD and it was mainly built as a residing palace for the family of King Bhagwant Das. Bhangarh Fort is situated in the Alwar District of Rajasthan. As of 2021, the fort is under the Government of India and controlled by the Archeological Survey of India. According to the Archeological Survey of India, it is the most haunted place in India, and staying in the fort after the evening is strictly prohibited.

Bhangarh Fort, which is considered to be the most notoriously haunted place in India by the locals is visited by thousands of tourists every year. People get attracted to this destination because of the bone-chilling stories that are related to the fort. Adventurous people who love thrills and taking risks often visit this place just to break the rule created by ASI of not staying in the fort after it gets dark just to know if the legends related to this fort are actually true. But what are these legends?


Story of Bhangarh Fort


There are two stories which the locals believe about the Bhangarh Fort. No one to this date can say whether any of the stories are authentic and have happened in real life but the locals staying nearby Bhangarh Village believe that the legends are true and this was the reason for Bhangarh’s collapse.

Curse of Balu Nath

The first story tells us about a saint named Balu Nath who used to live long before there the fort was made. Before the construction of the Bhangarh Fort and the town, there lived a saint named Balu Nath who used to meditate in his hut which was located nearby the place where the fort stands today. King Madho Singh Das wanted to build a fort in Bhangarh for his younger son and was in search of a suitable plot of land when he stumbled in Balu Nath’s hut. Madho Singh asked the saint for his permission to build a palace near his hut to which the saint agreed but with a condition. He said that the King can build a palace nearby his hut but the shadow of the King’s palace should never fall on his hut. He said if somehow the shadow of King’s palace falls on his hut, the King’s family will perish and the fort would crumble into ruins. The King agreed to his condition and started building his Fort. But somehow the fort grew so big that the shadow of the fort fell straight in the hut of Baba Balu Nath and as a result of his wraith, King Madho Singh Das and his whole family started dying out of disease and illness. The whole family of King Madho Singh perished within a year. When the villagers heard about this curse, they thought that Balu Nath’s curse would harm their family too, and they village overnight. Within a year, the whole town of Bhangarh became a ghost town and the people living in Bhangarh settled themselves in the nearby villages.


Curse of an Evil Sorcerer


This story is related to the history of lust, revenge, and black magic which happened in Bhangarh and is known to be the reason for the disappearances that keep on happenings inside the fort.

According to the legends, there was a princess named Ratnavati who used to live in the Bhangarh Palace. She was known to be the most beautiful girl in the whole Bhangarh at that time. The King and the father of Princess Ratnavati arranged for her swayamvar in which he invited the Kings of the neighboring states. And in the town, there was a sorcerer named Singhia who was enchanted by the beauty of the princess and wanted her at any cost. He knew that Ratnavati was a princess and she will eventually get married to a prince or a king or other state. But the sorcerer was in love with Ratnavati’s beauty and wanted to marry her at any cost.

One day Princess Ratnavati and her maids went to the local market to buy perfume. Singhia crafted an evil plan to make Ratnavati fall into his trap. He created a love potion for Princess Ratnavati. He followed Princess Ratnavati in the market and waited for his moment to mix his love potion in the perfume of Princess Ratnavati.

The princess went back to her palace and in the meantime, one of her maids somehow came to know about the evil plan of Singhia. She went to Ratnavati’s chamber and told her about the evil plan of Singhia and about the love potion. She said that the perfume which she bought from the market had a love potion mixed with it and if she applies the perfume she will get attracted to the evil sorcerer Singhia. Hearing this, the princess threw the perfume bottle out of her window which hit a giant rock and got spilled in the rock. As because of the love potion, the rock got attracted towards the evil-minded Singhia. When he saw it coming, he somehow stopped this giant rock with his black magic.

When the King came to know about such a heinous misdeed involving his daughter, he decided to punish the sorcerer Singhia. He ordered his men to find Singhia and execute him publically so that no other evil-minded person dares to do such offense. The soldiers found Singhia and when he was about to get executed Singhia cursed the King that after his death his family and the whole Bhangarh town will die to perish overnight. He also added that no one in this world will be able to marry Princess Ratnavati ever and she would die unmarried. Some months after his death Mughal army attacked the Bhangarh fort and killed King’s whole family. Princess Ratnavati was also killed during the attack. The whole village of Bhangarh collapsed within a night.

People to this date believe that the souls of the people who were killed during the battle still haunts the town. The soul of Princess Ratnavati still haunts the Bhangarh Fort and is waiting for justice and the day the curse in the town ends.


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Some Interesting Facts about Bhangarh Fort


Some are some of the Interesting Facts that you need to know about the most haunted site in India.

Houses made near Bhangarh Fort had no Roofs

The Bhangarh Fort itself is a mysterious place but what adds to the mysteries are the houses made near the Bhangarh Fort. The house constructed near the fort had no roofs. This is a complete mystery as to how could people live in such houses which had no roofs. The locals of Bhangarh say that after the town was cursed by Balu Nath, no one was able to construct a roof on their house. Every time a roof was constructed, it collapsed and this had killed many people in the past.

Important Archeological Site

The Bhangarh Fort is not only the most haunted place in India but also one of the most important archeological sites of India. During archeological studying of the fort done by the ASI, the researchers have found many important findings which showcase the rich cultural history of the town. Many stone carvings and paintings were found which revealed much important information about the people living in the Bhangarh Town. The Bhangarh Fort is now protected by the Archeological Survey of India.

No Entry for Foreigners

Strange but True! Bhangarh Fort is most probably the only tourist destination in India where the entry of Foreigners is strictly prohibited. People from abroad have to take some kind of special permission from the government if they want to visit the Bhangarh Fort. This was done because a large number of foreigners didn’t follow the rule of not staying inside the fort after getting dark. These rule-breakers often get lost inside the fort and for their safety, the Government had to put up these strict rules.

Numerous Temples inside the Fort

The only sight of relief inside the Bhangarh Fort is that there are numerous temples located inside the fort. This gives a boost of positive energy to the people who are already terrified of hearing the stories related to the fort. Inside the fort, there are temples of important Hindu deities like Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesh Mandir, and lord Krishna Mandir. The main temple is the Lord Shiva temple which is dedicated to his Someshwar form, also known as the Someshwar Mahadev Mandir. Over the years many priests and tantrics visited these temples to perform their spiritual rites to free the Bhangarh Fort from the curses, but they all failed.

Hotspot for Paranormal Activities

Bhangarh Fort is also known as the main hotspot for all the paranormal activities which happen in Bhangarh town. At no cost, tourists can stay inside the Bhangarh Fort after it gets dark. People say after it gets dark, many strange noises can be heard from inside the fort and the environment inside the fort gets uneasy for the people staying inside. According to local beliefs, a spirit of women wearing a red saree can be seen roaming inside the fort corridors and those who have attempted a night stay inside the fort have never ever returned.

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